Empowering Your
Spiritual Journey

Putting words into action

Caring For All

Through the Teachings of Jesus Christ

At Church of Ascension, we believe in the transformative power of faith to elevate lives. Our dedicated programs and counseling services are designed to support you and your loved ones through every challenge and triumph.

Raising God-Honoring Kids

Discover our resources and programs dedicated to nurturing faith, character, and compassion in your children from their earliest years.

Support Through Challenges

Offering counseling for those dealing with depression, suicide, marital issues, and family dynamics. You’re not alone; we’re here to walk alongside you.

Communion at Home

For those unable to join us in person, we bring the sacred experience of communion to your home.

Prayer Requests

Share your needs and let our community support you through prayer. Submit your prayer request.

Engaging in Our Mission

Your Involvement Can Light Up Lives and Communities.

Discover the joy of giving back and see firsthand the difference your contribution makes in the world around us. Engage with us to extend hope and healing. Whether through volunteering, donations, or prayer, your support empowers our mission to touch more lives with love and service.

Celebrate with Us

Church of Ascension is more than a place of worship; it’s a community where everyone is welcome, and every story matters. Join us in person or online and find your spiritual home among us.

Community, Worship, Connection
Life Events
Milestones, Celebrations, Support
Online Resources
Sermons, Teachings, Music
Spiritual Support, Wisdom, Leadership
Experience Church of Ascension

Whether in-person or online, join us in worship and fellowship. Feel the warmth of our community wherever you are.

Life Events

Celebrate life’s significant moments with us, from baptisms to weddings and memorials.

Online Resources

Access sermons, teachings, and worship music anytime through our online platforms.


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Counseling and Guidance

Looking for spiritual guidance? Our pastors and leaders are here to offer wisdom and support.

Uniting in Celebration and Service

Community Outreach

At Church of Ascension, we believe in shining our light through service. Join us in various community outreach programs and make a positive impact. Together, we can bring hope and support to those in need.


At Church of Ascension, our music program is a cornerstone of our worship experience, offering something for everyone. Here, music is not just an art form; it’s a form of prayer and a profound way to experience God’s presence.


Visiting Church of Ascension is an opportunity to experience the warmth of our community and meaningful worship. Connect with others who share your values and enrich your faith journey. Every visit reflects the love and teachings of Christ.

Flourishing Together in Faith

Growing Together at Every Stage

Our life groups are the heart of our community, offering a space for connection, growth, and support tailored to every age and stage of life. From the youngest members of our community to our esteemed elders, our life groups provide a welcoming space for everyone to grow in faith and friendship

Join a life group that matches your stage in life—Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School, High School, or Adults. Grow in faith and friendship.

Championing Christian Education

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our educational programs are designed to nurture young minds and hearts in faith, offering a solid foundation for lifelong learning and spiritual growth.

Our day school and vacation bible school blend academic excellence with spiritual development, preparing children for a bright future grounded in faith.

Connect with Us

Your Bridge to Belonging

Stay connected with Church of Ascension and become an active part of our vibrant community.
From digital platforms to in-person gatherings, there are countless ways to engage.

Get Connected

Get the latest events and news from Church of Ascension delivered directly to your inbox. 

Prayer Wall

Every prayer request is received with compassion and is prayed for by our dedicated community.

YouTube Channel

Explore our vibrant YouTube channel filled with inspiring sermons, uplifting worship sessions, and community stories—click here to join our online family and be blessed!

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12 Noon: Healing Service with Holy Eucharist